Ahad, Januari 31, 2010

Funny Iranian Short Film: The Slap

what a nice film. our director sholud learn from iranian directors... i give a 4 and half star from 5.

Jumaat, Januari 29, 2010

Aku dan Coklat KANDOS.

When i was 4 years old; i found a small blade. Then i make art sculptured to my mother small circle cushion (brand new) . At that time my mind only thought about image of KANDOS choclatoes logo. Something like pyramid image. I don't think kids in nowdays ever heard about KANDOS choclatoes which its coco sweet is quite famous to kids in late of 70's and early 80's era. Its delicious and cheap. We can easily buy this one from grocery shop with only 10 cent in our pocket. Then it melts before we open the packs... (old days memories)